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In regards to your first question, I believe you're talking about the last threshold of Firestorm. Firestorm will only trigger a blight cascade when.

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Does the majority matter more? Would you save one family member or two strangers, or a million strangers?

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

Example: Highly respected William Bulger was the longest serving state senator in Massachusetts, president of the university and a lawyer. William refused to help the FBI with their enquiries, and took the fifth amendment. Was he right? Whether or not we reached a final conclusion is debatable, but what is clear is that we had an extremely thought-provoking and engaging discussion with the philosopher Steven Campbell-Harris. Thoughts, ideas and concepts were thrown around, agreed upon and then refuted. A lively debate grew, changing so that it focused on whether speciesism humans considering themselves better than other animals was justified and if we should all really be vegetarians.

Although we never came to an agreement, I think we may have come up with a deeper definition of a human than Plato, who said a human was merely a two legged, featherless animal. Usually, I just try to understand a concept then move on, but here I really had to look into and analyse meaning and what the intention and consequences show about an action. The philosophy talk that I took part in was extremely interesting.

Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy

It has deepened the way I think about things and will change my life as now I see what a philosopher does. Overall, I feel all who took part in this talk had their meaning of life developed and a greater understanding of what a philosopher does. When the philosopher came in he was asking ' What is Ownership? Or maybe ownership is something you physically have in your grasp. People found the discussion interesting and enjoyable.

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Computer Science - Coloured Routes. University Degree vs Degree Apprenticeship: which one is right for you? An introduction to Philosophy. We will remember them.

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Analysis and Metaphysics: An Introduction to Philosophy

Gap Years - a gap or a bridge? Tips for A Level Revision. What it's like to work at Spotify. Learning materials and learning projects can be used by multiple projects. Cooperate with other departments that use the same learning resource. Philosophy , from the greek philos friend, lover and sophia knowledge, wisdom , etymologically means "the love of wisdom. The task of the philosopher is to explore possibilities of belief and understanding in existence, and to develop critical thinking skills on the deepest, most profound issues.

Curiosity is the hallmark of a good philosopher. Philosophy asks the ultimate questions about the universe, questions which seem to have no provable answers. Is there a God? Can anything be real? What is existence? These questions are often asked in Metaphysics, a branch of Philosophy.

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What is right? A popular topic often discussed in Philosophy. What makes something beautiful, pretty, ugly, cute? Initial questions asked in Aesthetics. These are questions which have been asked since the dawn of time.

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They have all asked BIG questions, some have got answers, some haven't. But we still ask these questions to get better answers and to better our knowledge about the world. These questions will build a base, to what you will need to understand more difficult works in philosophy. To do philosophy, you need an open mind. To start philosophy I would recommend reading "Sophie's World.

Hume, Pascal, Kant, and others are name dropped in that respect. Read "Philosophy: The Basics" if you're not in the mood for fiction. Active participants in this Learning Group. Some think of Socrates as philosophy's hero. He was a citizen of Athens, a city-state in Ancient Greece. Forming a historical picture of Socrates is problematic.

Lecture 1 Introduction to Philosophy

There are no known text which Socrates authored. We learn about him through his students and contemporaries. The Socrates that appears in Plato's dialogues is used as an example of philosophy.

Socrates typically "plays dumb" called Socratic irony and the person he is speaking to does not seem to notice. In this way, Socrates leads the person, by asking them questions, to realize they really knew nothing. This "teaching by questioning" is referred to as the Socratic method. Over and over, the wisest, most famous and successful celebrities of Ancient Greece are revealed to know nothing when they agree to enter into a dialogue with Socrates.

This persistent, "wise" questioning is often presented as an example of a Philosopher.

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  8. Socrates was a Philosopher, and these other people professional teachers of rhetoric at the time are called sophists , the most famous being Gorgias. Read Plato's dialogue Gorgias to see how he criticizes him.