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And it can be difficult, if not impossible, to sort out the valuable advice from the worthless. Advice from key internal leaders, on the other hand, can be very useful, Livingston points out. Yes, it is lonely, so find a sparring partner. A common theme among the CEOs we spoke with concerned the importance of finding someone, whether internal or external, from whom you can learn what you need to learn, or with whom you can discuss plans and people honestly and openly, knowing that the other person has no agenda other than your success.

But no matter who that person is, or why the new CEO feels the need to turn to that person, every new CEO should look for a well-informed, objective sounding board.

Every CEO, for instance, will likely feel the need to learn on the job during that first year. Schwan found himself in that position when he became CEO of Roche. He had enormous expertise in the area, but he was also known to be able to explain things in straightforward terms. I contacted him and he was very helpful — even excited to help me. Manage your time and your life with care. It should go without saying that the demands on CEOs are enormous, in terms of both time and pressure — perhaps especially early on in their tenure, when those demands are also unfamiliar. Every moment is important, and CEOs get little or no rest from the intensity.

I know executives who go home every other weekend or something, and it can be very hard. It happens all the time. I know people who can go to bed and forget about the job and sleep extremely well. I wish I could always say that.

CEO Succession: Lessons from the Trenches

The first year on the job will always be a tough one for CEOs. They must deal with a new and different set of stakeholders — the board, new direct reports, heads of potentially unfamiliar business units, potentially a new and unfamiliar chairman, and the shareholders and customers, too.

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It is a brief window of opportunity during which the CEO must put his or her personal stamp on the company, and set it on course to navigate an uncertain future. Opportunities have expiration dates.

50 Years in the Trenches: Five Lessons on Teamwork

So it is particularly important that new CEOs learn as much as they can from other CEOs who have experience dealing with these changing circumstances. Our hope is that new CEOs, and those who aspire to be CEOs in the future, will find our analysis of the succession data — and the advice offered by the chief executives we spoke to in preparing this study — helpful in making the most of their opportunity. Our research team members — based in India, China, Romania, Chile, and the United States — then identified the companies among the top 2, that had experienced a chief executive succession event and cross-checked data using a wide variety of printed and electronic sources in many languages.

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For a listing of companies that had been acquired or merged in , we also used Bloomberg. Each company that appeared to have changed its CEO was investigated for confirmation that a change occurred in , and additional details — title, tenure, chairmanship, and so on — were sought on both the outgoing and incoming chief executives as well as any interim chief executives.

Company-provided information was acceptable for most data elements except the reason for the succession. Reviews and mentions of publications, products, or services do not constitute endorsement or recommendation for purchase. All rights reserved. Please see www. No reproduction is permitted in whole or part without written permission of PwC. The item has been saved. Sign Up for Newsletters. Seven steps for highly effective deal making. A crisis of legitimacy. PwC's Entertainment and Media Outlook. Ears wide open Voice-activated technology and devices are creating new media, entertainment, and marketing businesses built on the age-old power of simply listening.

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Employee Engagement. Human Capital Analytics. Labor Markets. New CEOs some-ahead. This vision enables them to replace it with a different one to times boldly declare targets or man-question deeply rooted strategic reach businesses in the developing date changes that they later regret, asand operating assumptions and world. While maintaining unit interests. Some examples: business unit level.

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In reaction, had unusually good informal networksdecision and tabled the topic for an the CEO discouraged reliance on in critical populations of the company. Ashad undermined the credibility of top away from paralysis and finger- a result, an emotional commitmentmanagement in the company and led pointing. He reinforced this belief developed across the company thatpeople to assume that all decisions with a new policy requiring business had not existed before. In the first week of unit leaders to structure their meetingshis tenure, the new CEO declared that around forward-looking issues.

Using informal elements requires athis way of operating would come to deep knowledge of the culture, soa halt.