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In regards to your first question, I believe you're talking about the last threshold of Firestorm. Firestorm will only trigger a blight cascade when.

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What about artistry? Can a producer who succeeds within network boundaries rise to the challenge of creating something surprising and authentic, while still retaining that broad sense of appeal?

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With his tender yet hilariously brittle eight-episode dramedy "The Kominsky Method," Lorre has answered that question with a confident "yes. Initially, "The Kominsky Method" looks too familiar. Sandy meets his longtime agent, Norman Newlander Alan Arkin , for their regular lunch at where else? Just when you expect it, here comes the tired no-homo shtick in a Danny DeVito cameo as a glove-snapping urologist ready to poke and probe. Home Lifestyle.

Away from sitcoms, Chuck Lorre has something to say about old men and friendship. A lot of people would be very sad," Sandy says. Other bacterial diseases like brucellosis and tuberculosis can be carried by wild game in some areas of the United States.

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Wild game also can carry parasites which can be passed on to humans through contact or consumption. For more information on field dressing, processing, or storing wild game, contact your local University of Illinois Extension office and ask for the pamphlets Guide to Care and Handling of Deer and Guide to Care and Handling of Game Birds. To learn more about foodborne illness and ways to prevent it, talk to your health care professional, your local health department or the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Food, Drugs and Dairies.

Wild Game Meat What is wild game? What are the pathogens that can be present in wild game meat?

What are the symptoms that may result from some infections caused by eating wild game meat? These are foodborne bacteria that can cause severe illness.

This illness also can be acquired directly from contact with the animal and its feces. Symptoms include severe diarrhea some bloody , and painful abdominal cramps. This illness usually resolves in five to 10 days.


Severe cases can lead to destruction of red blood cells hemolytic anemia and acute kidney failure hemolytic uremic syndrome. Salmonella — These are bacteria that cause illness by reproducing in the digestive tract. It can be acquired directly from animals or from eating their meat. Symptoms include headache, muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, chills, fever, nausea and dehydration.

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Symptoms usually appear six to 72 hours after ingestion of the bacteria. Salmonellosis is seldom fatal fatality rate is less than 1 percent. Trichinellosis — People can develop trichinellosis by eating raw or undercooked meat from animals infected with the microscopic parasite Trichinella.

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The first symptoms of trichinellosis are gastrointestinal; usually occurring one to two days after a person consumes raw or undercooked meat from a Trichinella -infected animal. Other symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. The classic symptoms that often occur within two weeks after eating contaminated meat, and can last up to eight weeks, are muscle pain, fever, swelling of the face, weakness or fatigue, headache, chills, itchy skin or rash, cough, diarrhea, and constipation.

Persons have become infected in the United States after eating bear or wild boar meat.