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This indicates that depressurization from production in neighboring fields or zones within the same field is not limited to the production zone.

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Third, three models for subsidence a general 1-D regional model, an intrareservoir model, and a reservoir bounding layer model , using reasonable hydrogeological parameters, predict subsidence within the inferred range of data. The latter two models use data from the Big Hill and Fannett fields.

Additional verification of the hypothesis that deep petroleum production is causing or accelerating regional subsidence will require the collection and analysis of data on the subsurface hydrogeological parameters and detailed measurements of the spatial and temporal distribution of subsidence along the Texas Coast.

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Is West Texas Sinking Into a Hole of Its Own Making?

Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Land subsidence along the northeastern Texas Gulf coast: Effects of deep hydrocarbon production. Authors Authors and affiliations J. Sharp Jr. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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London: Oxford Press. Texas Water Development Board Report Salvador A ed , The Gulf of Mexico basin. The Geology of North America. J Geol — Google Scholar. Helm DG Field-based computational techniques for predicting subsidence due to fluid withdrawal. In: Holzer T ed , Man-induced land subsidence.

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Reviews in Engineering Geology, vol 6. Unpublished MA thesis. Austin, Texas: University of Texas.

These shrubs take the heat and show gorgeous blooms all through the growing season.

Ground Water — Google Scholar. Unpublished report Google Scholar. University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology.

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Edwards Plateau soils are mostly shallow, stony, or gravelly, dark alkaline clays, and clay loams underlain by limestone. Less-stony soils can be found in the valleys.

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  • That means its extra-critical to understand the soil before building here. On the East Texas Timberland, surface drainage is moderate to rapid, though there are many different types of soils in the area.

    Ground Cracks Threaten Foundations During Drought

    You might find deep, light-colored acid sands, red clays, deep sands, and more. If a foundation you build encounters structural distress, an insurance-backed structural warranty can save you from having to foot the bill for repairs. No two products are alike, so it pays to shop around. Structural Warranties can protect builders and their buyers from devastating structural problems.