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Approximately one in four children ages five to 12 has frequent nightmares, and they are not usually cause for concern, though they may occur more often when the person feels stressed out or anxious. When a kid has a nightmare, he or she typically wants to tell his or her parents about it and gain reassurance that it was just a dream and not real. Because the child may be frightened or upset by the nightmare, he or she may have trouble going back to sleep.

Sometimes Dreams Go Wrong

As a parent, you can probably relate, since adults can get nightmares, too. Night terrors often induce terror or panic in the dreamer, causing the person to scream or shout, sleepwalk , or frantically thrash around in bed. They are sometimes caused by post-traumatic stress disorder and typically occur during the non-REM stages. In contrast to a person having a nightmare, a person having a night terror will remain asleep, though he or she may appear to be awake.

Night terrors are most common in kids, ages four to eight, though they can continue into adolescence or even adulthood. The good news is: Occasional night terrors usually go away on their own. But if you're losing a lot of sleep from night terrors on a regular basis or you're experiencing severe anxiety during the day, talk to a doctor. Some are more severe than others. Bad Dreams A step down in intensity from nightmares, bad dreams can be disturbing. Nightmares While in the midst of these vivid, frightening dreams, the dreamer usually wakes up abruptly and can describe the nightmare, often in detail.

A weightlifting session at the gym may leave you powered up for a night out on the town. It turns out that sleep is crucial for strength training recovery and…. Okay maybe one of you could tell me why everytime I dream about our wedding to makeup stylist doesn't show up or I completely forgot all about booking one. Also happens with a hairstylist once. My most resent dream was everything was going perfectly smooth and then all at once everything started to fall apart as in venue and decorations and the weather there was and aweful storm like a hurricane but thunder and lighting as well I said okay we shall make the most of it then I found out my make up person wasn't coming and I had no idea what to do with my hair and there wasn't a lot of time left I was already in my dress and the clock was ticking.

It was time for the ceremony and no one was there there was only my dad left I was panicking looking for people. No one was left just my dad. Why am I having theese weird dreams.

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This is not the first one I had. I am not really stressed about the wedding. Our wedding is in October. Still a ways away. Master July I think we all have dreams! It's best to just shake them off and move along. They'll pass soon. Dedicated November I've been having a lot lately and my weding isn't until November. Just random things.

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Beginner April I have dreams all the time. Like forgetting the marriage license, the venue being double booked, forgetting to get rings, losing rings, and the latest that the groom didn't show which was awful but they're just dreams and I just write it down so I know I don't forget anything :- I've been having dreams for last year and now I have my wedding in 2 months lol I think everyone had them, I finally talked to my fiance and he told me he's been having them too, his mostly about the food lmao.

I can't tell you what a good dream feels like because I've never had one.

It's normal don't let them get to you. Dedicated September VIP October I've had these dreams too and I'm 8 months out still! Mostly I forgot to buy a gown and flowers, and forgot to board our dog for our honeymoon. Devoted February Dreams have symbolic meanings.

Not saying that it is anything bad, but maybe picking up a Dream symbolism book and looking into it might help you to understand and decrease stress. Dreams can be the bodies way of telling you to calm down and learning about the why could help your mind to calm as well. Dissecting dreams helped me to make positive life changes and still helps me to maintain an understanding of what my brain and body are telling me. Devoted June I have them too, and recently I have come to find out so is my FH!

I forget to have my hair , makeup, nails done, no one takes pictures of me, the flowers go the wrong Venue. FH says he is wearing the wrong color suit, forgets his shoes, forgets to pay a vendor and they get mad.

Expert June I have them every few nights. Tornados destroying everything, forgetting to have me dress altered and it not fitting, my mom trying to flee the scene of an accident and getting arrested on the way to the wedding that's messed up because she actually hit a deer right about the same time as the dream , my dad planning my wedding and having a neon pink dress with feathers and it taking place in lodge with dead animals everywhere, showing up and ALL the female guests were in wedding dresses, and finally getting ready to walk down the aisle and having kids on a hill launching fireworks at my guests.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. In my experience, each dream was related to something I was working on but was totally far fetched and ridiculous. There were even dinosaurs in one.

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Thanks girls. I thought I was the only one! I feel much better.