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Sino vs destino vs hado vs andanza : Spanish

Doublet of senho , cf. Borrowed from Latin signum. Doublet of signo , cf.

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. I cannot sleep for anxiety: curae somnum mihi adimunt, dormire me non sinunt ambiguous on good grounds; reasonably: non sine causa ambiguous without doubt, beyond all doubt: sine dubio not sine ullo dubio ambiguous without any hesitation; without the least scruple: sine ulla dubitatione ambiguous without delay: sine mora or nulla mora interposita ambiguous indisputably; incontestably: sine ulla controversia ambiguous to read a speech: de scripto orationem habere, dicere opp.

People naturally blame their problems on something or someone else, rather than accept any responsibility themselves. He who strikes first strikes twice.

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Whoever is first has an advantage over all who come after. Who much speaks, much errs. The more you talk, the more you will make mistakes. Who for his pleasure runs, never tires. When you do something for pleasure, it is not tiring. Who wants dance, should pay musician. The one who wants something done should be the one who takes the responsibility for making it happen. Who takes away the opportunity, avoids the robber. If you take precautions, you will avoid problems. In the mouth of a liar, what is certain becomes doubtful. Once someone has been caught lying, it is hard to believe anything else that person says.

Spanish literature

A scalded cat from cold water runs. People often draw overly broad lessons from their experiences. Make for me the accounts clear and the chocolate thick. Whatever else might be confusing, the books had better be straightforward. A similar saying is "Las cuentas claras hacen buenos amigos.

Reputation and money are earned slowly and lost quickly. Reputation and money are hard earn and easy to lose. The best word is the one that is not said. Sometimes, refraining from speaking is better than anything you could say. The word is silver, silence gold. Silence is more valuable than words. What well is learned never is lost.


If you learn something well, you will never forget it. It is worth more little and good than much and bad.

More is not always better. It is better to have less and happiness than more and misery. Better alone than poorly accompanied.

Pero vs sino

It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. No one is a prophet in his own land. People place a higher value on exotic things and exotic people than on familiar ones. Some people were scorned in their own little corner but achieved worldly eminence.

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  • They are honored by their own people because they look at them from a distance and by foreigners because they came from afar. He is not richer who the most has, but who the least needs. Someone who is satisfied with a small amount is richer than someone who is always craving more.

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    There is no shortcut without work. It takes work to avoid doing work. There is no bad curve, passing it slowly. You can avoid mishaps by proceeding with caution. Do not consider useless the advice of an old person. For example:. Can you guess which is which?

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    Not this but that. Yes, paella and Spanish food are related but they are not contrasting ideas. Something else to consider on the decision between sino and pero , if either of these sentences started with a positive clause, like:. In other words, sino is used to contrast first a negative clause against a positive clause second. Here is an example with a negative clause to start but pero has to be used because the first and second clauses are not contrasting.

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