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If you ask me, the chances of that being true are about one in a hundred. Normally I can't stop hearing people's thoughts, so I'm enjoying the quiet. Whistles "This thing had to set them back a pretty penny. Just let the mother beep er burn. Well, you're half right.

It's me. They're what's for dinner. Hell, I do my best work off world. I'm hotter than a June bug riding bareback on the hind leg of a jack rabbit with his tail on fire! Seriously, just anticipate the terrain, you'll win every time. The pinnacle of terran engineering.

I don't know what that is. And here's some freedom for you! Mamma's got a whole lot of freedom! Anywhere around it you're kinda on your own. Hell, I've only had one crewman snap his spine this week. But it was in college so That everyone has the personal liberty to do precisely as they are told. Or be put to death. Liberator to dictator in five seconds. That's gotta be some kinda record. Freedom costs a buck o' five. Everyone knows that. Three on this hand, two on the other one! Premature Detonation! Mine's explosive! I sometimes romance myself.

There are many like it, but this one is mine! Splat Can't see a damn thing May I have another! One minute. You're sure? This should be quick.

Legacy of the Void

What are you missing a leg or some Just kidding! Should've seen the looks on your faces! Are you an organ donor? You act like you got BOTH arms blown off! I appear to have ' Turrets Syndrome.

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I'm afraid I can't do that. It has assumed control. You want somethin'? I'm goin'! Imagine my surprise. That's why I'm gonna kill you last. Ya scared me. SCV computer's voice Self-destruct in five It's blocked. I can just run you over! If the guns are blazin', your ass is I don't know, what do you want from me? Adjutant "Your forces are under attack. Come and fight me! Mad laugh.

They got you pushing too many pencils? I'm trying to now yelling sneak up on them!

Los Angeles' Hidden Gem

No, really! Yeah right. Come in! Norse by Norsewest. Oh yeah! Man, I must be losing it If you want rockets, press four.

Terran space marines - Protectors of the earth

If you want weapons, press five. If you know the enemy you want to kill, press seven. V-TOL, engaged. Transform to Fighter Mode Transform! Transform to Assault Mode.

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He's such a charmer. Unless the payment is very good. I would never put up with this if I didn't like you so much you ridiculous scoundrel. I enjoy it.

Otherwise I'd be late to all my appointments. Good, neither do I.

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It's true, I swear it! Let's get cookin'! Step away from the Goliath. Because if it leaks to the V. Then we'd all be put on K. Out ya go! How serious! That's a serious outbreak. Looks like that hurts. Good luck! Next time, stay away from the cantina. If I do it right, it'll hurt a lot.

A launch site for the ages — and the future

Oh, I'm sorry, this was a pre-existing condition. Now where did I leave my watch? I don't even know where these go! You're my first patient Fusion eh? I'll have to remember that. Good thing I'm hard to kill because we're all standing on deadly ground and no one is above the law. Good thing this one has your name on it You got a problem with that?

Is that it? Fool me Zeratul disappears while Artanis takes leadership and tries to reconstruct his people's civilization. More significantly, Zeratul discovers that some force has successfully combined Protoss and Zerg genetic material, creating a race of incredibly powerful hybrids. Zeratul travels to Aiur to probe the corpse of the Zerg Overmind for information on an apocalyptic prophecy, and unexpectedly finds Tassadar in an ethereal form.

Memories found in the Overmind's cortex depict a vision of a future in which Kerrigan is killed, whereupon the hybrids led by an entity known only as the Dark Voice take control of the Swarm, destroy all other forms of life, then obliterate the Zerg as well. The Protoss are the last society left standing against the Dark Voice's armies.

Zeratul finds Raynor, knowing his intent to track down and defeat the Queen of Blades, and tells him to spare her life. Zeratul is the early protagonist until his death at the hands of Artanis, who later became a player character in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.