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In regards to your first question, I believe you're talking about the last threshold of Firestorm. Firestorm will only trigger a blight cascade when.

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Please join us! This investigation aims to explore and complicate a conventional tool of the design trade in both a physical and conceptual sense. By creating a physical mark-making tool, you build a new model for creating form, language, communication, and storytelling. This project will combine the cold logic of systems design and the pleasure and idiosyncrasies of hand work. This project will cross all disciplines in that you will be responsible for a 3-Dimentional form, that interacts with multiple users, to make 2 Dimensional marks.

This assignment will address these multiple areas and ask you to address several methodologies.

Light ing is one of the basic constituents of our built environment. Various methods for engagement will be explored e. There will be three distinct projects, coupled by a framework created by each student according to their own interests. Work will track according to independently defined exploration areas, with reviews and milestones coordinated as a class. Students will learn 3D modeling tools, how to move from digital information to physical output, prototyping techniques, how to collaborate with people from relevant disciplines and translate design strategies into tangible, realized concepts.

Outside critics will be introduced as appropriate to the subject. William J. Form Studio offers students a strong foundation in the making, assessing, and critiquing of visual materials and begins a discussion that will reverberate through the rest of their studies. Students learn the use and structure of materials and media, and the development of a rigorous and disciplined process through which they can create and analyze what they are creating. The Fall Series included:. He makes a heavy use of computer programming to produce a lot of his work, and allows the world of code to inspire both is process and his aesthetic.

Josh has spent the last half decade writing simulations and custom generators in Hollywood for use in Film and Television, most notably the hologram elements in TRON:Legacy.

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She is owner of Beautiful Company. Previously she worked at the design studio Linked by Air and lectured at Yale University. She is interested in the intersection of art, nature, and the internet. Presentation Synopsis: As 3D printers increase in quality and in accessibility, we see them moving out of industrial design labs and into maker spaces, libraries, museums, and homes.

Even those without physical access to 3D printers can order custom 3D prints from services like Shapeways to be mailed to their homes. But what can people make with these machines, and how can they design those objects? There is a large skill gap between expert modelers and novices; this translates to differences in the types of objects they produce. We want to aid novice makers in moving away from plastic trinkets towards functional objects with embedded electrical and mechanical components. Her research focuses on design tools for 3D printing, specifically for creating interactive objects like video game controllers.

The field guide is a designed item, an collection of a place, and a tool for exploration. Using the Marin Headlands as their starting point, these guides explore the roles that collection, field work, measure, and nature can take in design. The projects are cross-disciplinary collaborations, combining students of from Graphic, Industrial, and Interaction Design.

Or just because you're so amazing Bunny. I really liked Mona Awad's Bunny — it's sardonically funny, but with very sad underpinnings like Eileen or Martin John ; two other books I loved for the same reason — and it goes to some unreal extremes to explore loneliness, outsiderness, and the ways in which women can choose to support or destroy one another.

It does have a Mean Girls in the Ivy League vibe, but layered on top of that are dark and twisted fairy tales come to life — which works so well.

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Note: I read an ARC and passages quoted may not be in their final forms. As Bunny begins, Samantha Mackey is starting the second year of her MFA program at the prestigious Warren University; the only full scholarship student among her all-female cohort. These other women are from very rich families, they clique together and dress like juveniles, and they all write aggressively feminist fiction with mythical twists. After suffering a year of her cohort giving unhelpful criticism during Workshop — accusing Samantha of writing gritty outsider fiction for its own sake — she finds herself suffering writer's block just as she is supposed to be using these last two semesters to polish up her thesis.

I don't always love books about writers especially books about struggling to finish an MFA , but Bunny delightfully skewers the premise: They all watch me walk toward the stage at the center of the room, where they're all seated as though they're in a play. Evoke our alchemical experiences and experiments. Even after a year at Warren, I'm still not totally sure.

Meanwhile, Samantha has spent the summer hanging out with her new friend, Ava — a snarky freewheeling artist who backs up Samantha's unflattering estimations of her program and the Bunnies — but when the Bunnies make gestures to include Samantha in their circle, Samantha is inextricably drawn to them; even if it imperils her relationship with Ava. Bunny is ironically self-aware: Samantha internally critcises the Bunnies for writing about mythological lovers, and the Bunnies vocally criticise Samantha for writing outsider fiction, and yet Bunny is an outsider story that darkly references myths and fairy tales.

Everything that keeps me alive suddenly bared and there for the taking. Or: I want to scream.

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But I just sit there. My smile is fixed on my face, nailed there, though it jerks under the pins. From the intriguing line-by-line writing, to the surprising and insightful narrative, and the art that Awad employs to bring it all together, I loved everything about Bunny. And then , there are books like Bunny whose weirdness largely rests on overusing the word bunny which appears approximately times , one time too many.

If you are picking up Bunny thinking that it is some sort of intriguing campus novel, you should reconsider given that this book is the anthesis to The Secret History. Each page of this novel tries to be 'sarcastic' by exaggerating the mannerisms and words of certain groups of people in this case a creative writing clique which made for a weary reading experience. Writing about writing is never an easy endeavour since there is the high risk that you will remind your readers that they are indeed 'reading' a fictitious work.

Since the main cast in Bunny is part of a creative writing MFA program The five girls part of this program are apparently only able to write fiction that reflects their personal life or preferences This makes no sense. From the first few pages they are presented as some sort of 'hive-mind', some sort of multi-conscious entity.

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Some of their conversations between them—as well as the narrator's observations about them— could be amusing. Although the narrator keeps insisting that she is 'different' aka the only 'big' difference between her and the bunnies is her finances she falls prey to this clique. Personally, I don't think the story provides with a convincing reason for the MC to fall in with these girls.

Even when the Mc sees their most secretive activities The weirdness of this story seems contrived. This whole novel seems rather ironically like an exercise for a creative writing class. Many of the 'bizarre' elements in this story were predictable and had me rolling my eyes. The most experimental, groundbreaking writing school in the country.

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This goes way beyond genre. It subverts the whole concept of genre. Which is dead anyway, you know? This is about the Body. Performing the Body. The Body performing in all its nuanced viscerality. The narrative mimics the language—and perhaps vision—of this clique of girls: it is sweet, sticky, and extra. If you like eating candy floss until you feel sick you might be up for it They should have more in mini, more!

We tell them how they should have more in mini and they do not seem to make a note of it. The narrative's style was so repetitive! All too frequently words were repeated three times in a row in a cheap attempt to give urgency to the story. The plot if we can call it that even in its 'wtf moments' is tedious. The characters and story seem merely a backdrop to this sickeningly sweet and repetitive language hair like feathers, tiny pink-y small-ish hand, glossy this and that, teensy-weensy girls who eat teensy-weensy food.

This book didn't inspire feelings of panic or fear, which I was expecting given its summary I was never afraid of these demented girls and their stupid activities. A lot of the things seem to just happen to the MC as if she isn't capable of these laughable 'terrible' things from happening insert eye roll here. I mean, could we even call her that, Samantha?

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The stupid characters, the saccharine and repetitive language, the MC's spinelessness The worst 'sin' of all is that this book leaves us with a less than favourable opinion about writing and criticism Read more reviews on my blog View 1 comment. Jun 11, Jessica Sullivan rated it it was amazing Shelves: literary-fiction , read , horror , sci-fi-fantasy , dark-and-disturbing , 5-stars.

What did I just read?! Samantha is an outsider in her creative writing program at an elite university. When a group of cult-ish popular girls known as the Bunnies invite her to their Workshop to help get her out if her writing slu What did I just read?!