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In regards to your first question, I believe you're talking about the last threshold of Firestorm. Firestorm will only trigger a blight cascade when.

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Some of the children come with their parents from abroad, to grow up in what their parents see as a pure Islamic state. They learn to say that they are citizens of the Islamic State rather than from their country of origin. The poorer neighbourhoods of Ankara, Turkey, are reportedly a source of child recruits.

One such neighbourhood, Hacibayram, has become a recruitment hub for Isis. In Raqqa, Isis pays parents and bribes children to attend the camps.

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But the recruits are not always volunteers. Children of ethnic minorities, particularly the Kurds and Yazidis, have been kidnapped and forced to join Isis. According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, in one case, more than Kurdish students were kidnapped on their way home from taking exams in Aleppo. A doctor told the HRW interviewers that he had treated a wounded boy between the ages of 10 and Using children under the age of 18 as soldiers is a war crime. A study of former Ugandan child soldiers found that approximately one third were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

Two-thirds were suffering behavioural and emotional problems, mostly anxiety and depression. The widespread commission of atrocities could lead to a form of societal PTSD — both for victims and perpetrators.

One of the results of continuously witnessing morally injurious actions, or of perpetrating them, is the blunting of feeling and loss of empathy. Interestingly, some child soldiers may avoid adverse mental health outcomes by developing an appetite for aggression; those who learn to take pleasure from killing appear to be less susceptible to PTSD symptoms, according to work in northern Uganda and Colombia by Roland Weierstall and colleagues.

Is Isis deliberately trying to create a society with an appetite for violent aggression? His job is to assess threats of the future for the US army. What you are dealing with is Religious Scrupulosity Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is an anxiety based disorder. Medication alone will not help since a lot has to do with thought awareness and control. You might also consider lifestyle changes such as sleep, stress level, diet, exercise, meditation, etc. They contribute greatly to our overall well being. There is a direct connection between food and mood. Make sure you are eating clean and eating enough protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates.

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Eating foods rich in serotonin will help as well. May Allah give you a lot of blessings for this! Also another thing I wanted to ask is: Can anexiety attacs come hand in hand with ocd or are they two completely different things? Im a mother 3 children, i suddenly started have thoughts telling me I sexually abuse my children.

What you are dealing with is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is an anxiety based disorder. Just read the post and it is very helpful. Like I can be doing anything and suddenly the thought strike that something will happen to me.

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  4. My question is, is it from shaytan or what is it. Please need your help. It sounds like anxiety but OCD is an anxiety based disorder. Try the suggestions in the article as well as incorporate relaxation strategies and work with a trained mental health professional to help you manage your symptoms. Thank you for this enlightening post.. You can talk to a trained mental health professional so they can tease out what is going on with you. It may or may not be OCD but since you are so close to the situation, you will need help from a trained professional. Best of luck.

    Try some of the suggestions and see if they will help you. There are definitely natural alternatives to medication but you do need to also focus on diet and exercise as well as sleep and environmental stressors. Assalamualaikum sister, From last 4 to 5 years I am suffering from such type of unwanted thought it comes in my mind every where for any one specially in holy places and also in salah.

    Raising Children In Islam by Muhammad Nur Suwayd

    Walaikum Salaam! What you appear to be dealing with is Religious Scrupulosity Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is an anxiety based disorder. Also journaling out your anger will be beneficial. I feel like everything is dirty.

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    I have another problem regarding my pee. Like many people i have the same problem of pee not cleared all the time.

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    Even after cleaning it for mins after a few moment pee gets out automatically. And after that i have to take shower every time this happens. Please give me a solution. What you are dealing with is OCD. Work with a trained mental health professional to help you manage your symptoms.

    Try some of the suggestions in the article and see if they will help you. Also journaling out your feelings will be beneficial. Dear Sister in Islam I have this issue of unnecessary guilt and making myself accountable for minor moral failures in the past I also feel that I may have done something that was a violation of huqooq ul ibad and I will go to hell because my good deeds will be taken on Qayamah. I am too harsh on myself and feel anxiety and restlessness. Also I am getting unproductive please suggest me some solutions to overcome these issues and whether should I really try to be so perfect in every manner.

    I dont know whether…i have ocd or not…. Thanks for this post….. My daughter has Religiois OCd. What a world we living in right now! Being 29, male, and single is sure tough with the hectic, sinful and stupid stuffs life has got to offer. Islam is a gift from God and God has determined that the only religion that He accepts is Islam. Your particular writing helped me to understand a part of myself that needs attention and tending, before it turns into an ugly invisible cancer. Thank you. I actually believe OCD is the best disorder you can have if you know how you can make it work for you.

    I read this whenever i feel overwhelmed…and it relieves me to some extent. Last year there was a guy who was a good friend of mine and our conversations were mostly based on religion. I liked him only as a friend but nothing more.

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    Later i got to know that he was actually interested in me. What you are dealing with is irrational thoughts and fears. It sounds like you are struggling with compulsions related to OCD. Is every thought in our mind have same importance?. Your brain can lie to you and make irrelevant thoughts seem important. You must learn how to identify these thoughts and ignore them or challenge them. Assalam walekum, I have this severe ocd.

    Part 3: Children are Tomorrow’s Adults

    Please do reply! Yes, what you are struggling with is OCD and following the recommendations in the article will help you but you also sound like you need to work with a trained mental health professional to help you overcome the urges. I came across with this post and found my heart to be half of it little bit calm. My question is does Blasphemy, abusive words that comes for ALLAH or for me what ever I felt from inside not to think about that thing, I go ahead and think, repeat those words in my mind.

    At times. Could you help please?? What you are experiencing is OCD and applying the recommendations mentioned in the article will help you. The more you resist the words and thoughts, the stronger the urge. Replacing them with zikr or some other behavior will break the loop.

    I would recommend getting help and getting supported on your journey. Make sure you are eating well and resting as well. Your email address will not be published. Mental Health 4 Muslims.

    Emotional Wellbeing Self Improvement. Nafisa Sekandari. April 11, It is simply a dirty trick of Shaitan trying to get us to take our eyes off the infinite saving power of Allah swt. When unwanted thoughts or fears hit, do your best not to let the attack distress you. Let it wash over you, keeping as calm and unconcerned as you can. Allah swt knows best, even better than you do, that these thoughts are not yours.

    Temptation usually takes the form of thoughts being satanically placed on our minds, and temptation is not sin. Spiritual fact: When Shaitan is thoroughly convinced that he can no longer use such things as unwanted thoughts to annoy you, or undermine your faith, he will eventually begin to tire of that approach and only try it now and again, just to check that you have not reverted to being concerned by such attacks.

    We give pleasure and power to Shaitan when we fall into his trap of supposing that his plan is to get us to think or feel wrong things. Daily Exercises: When unwanted thoughts creep in your mind, catch them and write them down. Right below the thought, challenge the thought by asking if that is a true thought.

    The affirmations might not feel true for you but repeating them daily will help you replace the negative thoughts with the positive affirmations, thereby lessening the power of the negative unwanted thoughts.