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April 19, - Published on Amazon. Back in high school I struggled through Red Badge of Courage. Likewise, Crane's novel about a young prostitute, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, bored me in college. But along the way I discovered that Crane wrote poetry as well. His poetry is not the sentimental and genteel poetry often associated with the 19th century.

His aggresive free-verse is more an agonized scream and a punch in the gut. Crane delights in calling out hypocrisy and exposing it to the light of day. Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce and H.

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Menken were the "paragons of pessimism" during their days. To that group add the voice of Stephen Crane who was their equal in expressing the cynicism of the age; but Crane's cynicism often came wrapped around a seed of hope for mankind. Both this volume and War is Kind are highly recommended. The only thing that kept this book from a 5-star review is the formatting that runs one poem into the next, separated only by the title. But since these are relatively short volumes, that is a slight complaint.

Child of Darkness: Stephen Crane and “The Black Riders and Other Lines”

April 17, - Published on Amazon. I was never one for what I called "prose poetry" but in I came across a collection like this of these very brief writings of Stephen Crane and became an addict.

The Black Riders and Other Lines Audiobook Stephen CRANE

Sadly he only wrote of such lines but they were each deep, compelling thoughts and expressions of his perspective of life, love, religion, fear and death. The livid lightnings flashed in the clouds. And you love me.

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Love walked alone. I walked in a desert.

There came whisperings in the winds. I was in the darkness. Tradition, thou art for suckling children.

Many red devils ran from my heart. Once there was a man. I stood musing in a black world. You say you are holy. A man went before a strange god. Why do you strive for greatness, fool. Blustering god.

The Black Riders and Other Lines

A man toiled on a burning road. A man feared that he might find an assassin. With eye and with gesture. The sage lectured brilliantly. Walking in the sky. Upon the road of my life. There was a man and a woman. There was a man who lived a life of fire.

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There was a great cathedral. You will receive a confirmation before the sale. Click Image To Enlarge.

The Black Riders and Other Lines, and War Is Kind (Dodo Press) : Stephen Crane :

The Black Riders and Other Lines. Printed in green. Crane's first collection of poetry, and the first book to be published under his name, is the subject of some bibliographical debate. Stallman cites broken type and an April advertisement in The Bookman to support his claim that this issue appeared on the heels of The Red Badge of Courage; Joe Kraus, in his bibliography of Copeland and Day, locates page proofs for this and the regular issue dated March, Stallman 2b; Kraus 20a; BAL Follow Us:.

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