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In regards to your first question, I believe you're talking about the last threshold of Firestorm. Firestorm will only trigger a blight cascade when.

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Alumni have become pivotal role in development of Korean construction for last 60 years.

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The approximate 6, alumni not only working within Korea, they are widely spread in architectural fields. The major of Architecture is well preparing for careers as internationally qualified professional Architects throughout the creative and practical five-year program. The major of Architectural Engineering is preparing for careers as Building Contractors, Construction Managers, Structural Engineers, Consulting Engineers and knowledgeable specialists in related areas of building design and analysis.

The major of Architectural Design is preparing for careers as Urban Architects, Interior Designers, Architectural Consultants and Architectural Civil Officials in related area of public and environmental design. Privacy Policy Issuance of Certificates. Skip to content. News Contact us Portal System Korean. About YU. Undergraduate Programs. Introduction Based on deep understanding and affection about the human and architecture, the educational goal of the School of Architecture is to train and educate students to become professional architects possessing profound knowledge and technique of architecture and engineering.

Architectural Design Process # 1 Site Analysis

Major of Architecture 5-year program The major of Architecture lays emphasis on being architects to be acknowledged internationally through the development of creative and active practical design abilities. Major of Architectural Engineering 4-year program The major of Architectural Engineering focuses on being professional engineers to understand environmental technical system and to utilize the ability of engineering technique in the field of construction site, structures, environmental, and mechanical systems.

Major of Architectural Design 4-year program The major of Architectural Design is a new major opened in that focuses on cultivating professional designers to satisfy the needs of modern construction and design in today? Job Fields The approximate 6, alumni not only working within Korea, they are widely spread in architectural fields.

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Curriculum ,2 ,2 ,2 ,2 ,2 ,2 ,2 ,2 ,2 ,2 Curriculum PRE-CALCULUS This course contains basic properties of sequences, limit of functions, continuous functions, rational and irrational functions, transcendental functions, elementary calculus, 3-dimensional vectors, and matrices. This course was designed to cultivate convergence- and integration-based creative capabilities, which are integrated problem-solving capabilities to collect, analyze and process knowledge and information by reinforcing the ability of analyzing and solving problems, recreate it in a synthetic fashion, and express it effectively through speech and writing.

The course will help the students cultivate their synesthesia thinking and communication skills based on sympathy with other human beings, understanding of the community, and positivity or Gongseong that is sought after by Yeungnam University.

Architecture (ARCH)

Its ultimate goals are to promote the students' creative knowledge development and reinforce their writing capabilities consistently through "convergence- and integration-based thinking and writing as a problem-solving approach. The course will be co-taught by Korean and Native English instructors.

Korean instructors will provide students with basic English structure, vocabulary, and expressions, and students will be encouraged to practice speaking English utilizing basic English structures. Students will further practice expressing themselves in English with native English instructors. The most difficult aspect of learning Chinese is pronunciation.

Drafting and Design Technologies

So, first of all, in this course students will learn how to pronounce Chinese correctly. Then, through topics of daily life conversation, students will learn the basic communication skills Chinese as well as basic grammar. Summary of the course This course is to assist university freshmen in CRM designing to adapt university life well through the instruction and counselling of supervising professor. This course is composed of self analysis, personality type test, career research, instruction for the success of university life, career plan and direction setting, CRM designing method and CRM designing.

The course should be teaching in classes of the students by supervising professor. Also, this course shall has a plan to instruct the students to enhance the efficiency of university life through career and time management. In addition, this course is to make a chance for the students to have practical assistance to university life by providing study method, report designing strategy and the information on academic system and various kinds of internal programs of the university. After the mid term exam, the students will be instructed to set the direction of career designing through continuous counselling of supervising professor and the students will be able to establish CRM designing and execution plan.

Space and time: straight-line kinematics; motion in a plane; forces and equilibrium; experimental basis of Newton's laws; particle dynamics; universal gravitation; collisions and conservation laws; work and potential energy; vibrational motion; conservative forces; inertial forces and non-inertial frames; central force motions; rigid bodies and rotational dynamics.

Students should be aware of basic Chines grammar and can speak a little Chinese. This course will focus on a little more advanced grammar and expressions. Korean instructors will provide students with an opportunity to practice English structure, vocabulary, and expressions, and students will be encouraged to enhance their verbal skills by actively participating in classroom activities. Concepts of electrostatic field and potential, electrostatic energy. Electric currents, magnetic fields and Ampere's law. Magnetic materials.

Time-varying fields and Faraday's law of induction. Basic electric circuits. Electromagnetic waves and Maxwell's equations. Therefore, understanding on the close relationship between the architecture and human behavior which is based on the behavioral science is essential not only for the architectural professional but also for the laymen.

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  7. Creative problem solving skills are taught in the class such as brain storming, generation, analysis, practice, evaluation, and improvement of idea through minimum theory and various design projects, etc. Various projects for visual thinking and drawing, power writing skills, model bridge design, are carried out to operate, evaluate the performance of students on group base competition and thus enhances teamwork and communication skills.

    By taking this course, freshmen begin to have interests in engineering design and can develop creative problem solving skill, and eventually develop strong desire to continue engineering career. It include a free hand sketch with pencil. Based on the statics, the effect of internal behavior of the structural elements is examined when external loading is applied.

    1. Course subject: Architecture (ARCH).
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    8. Therefore, the fundamental behavior of building structures is handled with internal forces and moments. Summary of the course This course is to let the students to set the career goal at the early stage of university life through systematic and continuous counselling and instruction on CRM achievement and change of career designed by the students after the admission to the university.

      This course is to let the students attain career management method and edit, complement and confirm the CRM in a systematic manner by self analysis and analysis of employment competence while the course is being taught. Also, this course is to utilize video lecture as the secondary teaching material to let the students have competency in employment. Course objectives This course is to assist to the enrolled students in designing their own employment plan for themselves by the education of drafting application materials for employment resume, statement of purpose and application forms , communication skills and presentation skills.

      Furthermore, the course ultimate goal of guiding the students to systematically design manage CRM at each grade of the university with the counselling by the supervising professor until the time of graduation. It requires various building materials. The purpose of this class is to meet the above expectation of various knowledge of building materials. And learning about identification of user's demand and design conditions, selection of alternatives, cost analysis and evaluation etc.

      The relation of the evolution of styles in the history and their meanings.

      School of Architecture - Yeungnam University

      Design exercises are structured to provide experience in both the making and the critical understanding of design actions in the city. Historical meanings of architecture, characteristics of composition, aesthetic background and psychological analysis of built environments are included. And enhance the abilities of how to find and use the characteristics of site. Especially the behaviors of concrete members subjected to loads and concrete member design theory and method using the ultimate strength design method are explained.

      This course is also to develop analytical and problem-solving abilities of reinforced concrete structures according to ultimate strength design method. The main topics are heating, lighting and sound in buildings related to human needs, comforts, performance and sense of well-being. The students practice digital technology to building design and practical works such as applying Free-form, 3D Printing, VR, Drone, and so on.

      This class also put knowledge to practice use smart architecture to help students apply various technologies intelligently to their own works, to solve challenging problems together. Also this lecture provides opportunity for the student to make teaching plan, teaching materials and evaluation, teaching method, and skills in the field to improve attainments as a teacher of high school.

      And finally to learn how to utilize such factors as formgivers in Architecture. Major subject of this study covers the operation and design of building systems for climate control, water and drainage, life safety, electrical supply, illumination, transportation elevators and escalators and noise control,etc. Seeking a practical approach to realize in architectural desing. Various fields of behavioral science including ergonomics and environmental psychology will be introduced to help understand the method of applying the theories to the architectural practice.

      Therefore, the students understand of site shop drawing based on the knowledge of building construction. This class also deals with design drawings of real world project and quantity estimating of them. Ducts and pipe design methods are covered. Primary and secondary hydronic systems are covered including system air control techniques.

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      Design projects are required. Member design processes are also discussed after introducing both lateral and vertical load resisting systems for various types of structures. Therefore, the better urban environmental form will be suggested throughout the proper architectural proposals in changing times from research and analysis of the existing cities.