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I realized that I need to invest more money and that I've got to make it the most important financial decision of my life. It teaches you some great beliefs about ways of looking at money. The end of the book talks about the power of giving your money and being a force for good, which I resonate with. These books have made an impact in my life in different ways throughout the years, and I hope they inspire you as well! Hey, everyone! This is Stefan from ProjectLifeMastery. What should I read? It ended up turning into ten books, and then when I was going through my list of ten books, I couldn't limit it there either, so it turned into fifteen and twenty.

Finally, I narrowed it down to twenty-five books that have changed my life. My life has changed over many different years. I got into self-development when I was seventeen years old, and thinking back at the different stages of my life, different books that I've read have changed my life at different phases of my life, and in different areas of my life.

I believe that you should always want to improve every aspect of your life so that you are living a balanced, fulfilled life. I'm going to go over each of the books that I have on my computer. I don't remember all the author names for the books, so what I'm going to do is, on YouTube, I'm going to link each of the books below in the description, as well as in a blog post that will supplement this video. Also, I recommend that if you want to get more up-to-date on all the books that I'm reading every year, you can find those in my Monthly Goals Reports , where, every month, I share my goals.

I always have goals to read books, to learn, and grow. T hese books are in no particular order. It's not from best to worst. They have all equally impacted my life. Many of you know how much Tony Robbins has influenced my life back when I was seventeen years old. I still remember specifically when I read the book. I was actually flying to Toronto at the time. This book is powerful. It teaches you principles for your health and for your finances. The key success principles that I think everybody needs to embody in their life.

It's actually a book that I've read twice.

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I recall how much it made a difference in my life at the time, amongst many other things that I've learned from Tony Robbins. That is one of the top books that I often recommend to people that has really made a difference in my life. Think And Grow Rich is a classic self-help book.

Napoleon Hill was hired by Andrew Carnegie, who was the richest man in the world at the time. Andrew Carnegie had Napoleon Hill go out and study the most successful people in the world to find out what were the common traits and qualities that made people successful. He went and studied Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and all these incredible people.

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It's your psychology and your mindset. This is a fantastic book that really goes into the mindset and the psychology of success. I highly recommend it.

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The third book that had a big impact in my life is a really short book, but it's powerful. It's a famous book that you can read in less than thirty minutes.

  1. Yona fille de la préhistoire tome 10 (Pocket Jeunesse) (French Edition).
  2. Advocate (Attorney, Defender, Legislator, Lobbyist, Environmentalist)?
  3. Buckdancer’s Choice: Poems (Wesleyan Poetry Program);
  4. lichiumu de furouchoujyuno karada wo tukuru (Japanese Edition).
  5. It's a tiny book like this, it's pretty inexpensive. In the book it teaches how to set goals, and it shares a process for setting goals. When you have the goals, you want to make sure that you read them three times a day, and carry those goals with you in your back pocket, in your purse, or whatever it is. Every day you read your goals three times, first thing in the morning, at noon, and before you go to bed. At any moment that you are stressed in your life, frustrated, angry, depressed, or down, all you want to do is take out that list of goals and focus on those.

    Focus on where you want to go. Don't focus on what you are afraid of, don't focus on what's not working out.

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    If you just focus on what you want consistently, then you are going to move in that direction, and you are going to be able to manifest and attract what it is that you want. Everybody should go out and get it. Viktor Frankl is a psychiatrist who was living in Auschwitz for a certain period of his life. He got taken away from his family, and his wife and kids were killed. All around him was massive suffering.

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    He determined that, about one in twenty-five people would actually survive. He became fascinated with what it was that made the difference in those human beings that actually survived and made it through Auschwitz. These people were in an environment where, at any moment, they were going to be gassed or killed, where they were starving to death. It's a really powerful, eye-opening book about the reality of what went on during that time. What's inspiring about it is that Viktor Frankl studied and focused on what made the difference in someone who was going through this suffering, and how they were able to survive and thrive.

    What he determined was that, in any moment of life, in any moment of suffering, you always have to find an empowering meaning and purpose. If you can find the purpose in your suffering, then that will allow you to be able to make it through anything. He was also one of the first people that determined that, it's not your environment that determines how you feel, because you could be in Auschwitz suffering the worst environment, but that does not dictate how you feel.

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    You can't control the outside world, but you can always control your inner world. He realized that you could still find meaning, happiness and joy, regardless of the environment that you are in. This book really teaches you how to master your psychology and how to master meaning in your life. Its a very powerful book. I actually bought this book for my mom and my sister. By the way, I'm a big believer in rereading books at different times in your life, because many of these books that I'm sharing with you, I read when I was seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one years old.

    I'm thirty years old now and they made such a difference for me back then. If you go through books at different times in your life, you are going to get totally different things from them, because you are at different stages of your life. This is a book for men. However, women can also read it as well, if you want to understand men a lot more.

    David Deida has got a lot of great books. It teaches you how to relate to women, how to live your purpose, and how living your purpose is something that is extremely attractive to women. If you make your purpose about a woman, a lot of times she is not going to respect you as much, unless you have a bigger purpose that you are moving towards. An example I always remember from this book is, let's say you are in a relationship, and you are a guy.